Visa Bulletin-June, 2017. DV-2017


Thousands of people are looking for this visa bulletin information for the month of June 2017.  Because most of them are selected as winners in the DV-2017 American diversity visa draw. If they can see their case number in this month’s visa bulletin will give them hope that they are going to be interviewed soon and can collect their visas and to fly to the USA, Where they can start their new life in this rich country.

It is every unfortunate to see that many regions had provided all their visas and had posted the :CURRENT” status.
Don’t give up your hope till to the last date of this draw, always check your letter in the website to see, if there is any interview letter waiting for you to attend the American visa interview.

AFRICA Current  Except: Egypt: 26,250 and Ethiopia: 34,700
ASIA  Current       Except:Iran:7,300 and Nepal: 5,875
EUROPE                                                              Current
NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)                   Current
OCEANIA                                                             Current

Source: Visa Bulletin, USA.

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