Problem in Checking DV-2018 Results.

Problem in Checking DV-2018 Results.

Many people are experiencing problem in checking DV-2018 results through the American Government’s official results checking website. People who had registered duly their names and details in the official website and had received their success page with the confirmation number. They were 100% sure that they had registered for the DV-2018 draw officially.
When they checked their results on 3rd May 2017, they were shocked to see that there is no entry is registered with their name. Even when they tried to recover their the same message was displayed as
Warning: The information entered is not valid.
Please review the Confirmation Number, your Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth to ensure you have entered them exactly as they appear on your DV Confirmation Page, including punctuation.

Several characters are often confused:
0 = zero, O = letter ‘O’, 1 = one, I = letter ‘I’ (like ‘Ice’), 5 = ‘five’, S = letter ‘S’, 6 = six, G = letter ‘G’, 8 = eight, B = letter ‘B’

Now the system is working normally and participants can check their selection results without any problem.
Already millions of people had checked their online selection results from this website for the DV2018 diversity program.

So if you had tried to check your results within the first 3 days and was not able to get any result can check your results now.
The results checking website opened on 3rd may 2017 and it will be kept open till 30th September 2018 for the participants to check their results for the FY2018 draw. Don’t forget you will need the confirmation number starting 2018 to check this result and there is no fee will be charged for this usage. Check the results as much time as you want or till you are confident with the shown results.

Selected winners must follow the given instruction in the website and must proceed with the winning through the online process only and no paper works will be accepted.

Fake Success page.

If you had participated through any of the African Agent, contact him and ask whether you are selected as a winner in the last year held draw.
Because lot of Africa agents had provided their clients with fake success notices. With these papers and with their details you can’t check your selection results. that agent only had the true details and he only can check the results and he founds any one is selected ads winner in the draw will ask for a large amount of money to provide the original details. So be careful about these agents.

Not selected as a winner in this draw?
If you are not selected as a winner in the DV-2018 American visa lottery program then you can participate in the current DV-2019 program. It has started to provide and accept application forms through the official website from 18th October 2017. The program will close from accepting entries on 22nd November 2017.

Or wait for the next coming name selection draw which will be called as DV-2020 American diversity visa lottery program. Before to participate read the new DV Instructions first. Never use old photos and photo files along with your current diversity visa entry form as it is against the official rule.
If you are selected with high case number and no hope for the interview, you can participate in the coming draw.
Do visit this web page regularly to get more information on the DV draw.

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