DV-2018 Results.

 DV-2018 Results.

DV-2018 results you can check it in the internet now. The American Government’s diversity visa lottery results is now provided in the American Government’s official website from the month of May, 2017 on wards.
No winner notification as email or postal mail will come to you from KCC. You had provided your postal addresses and your personal email address in the application form. But the email will be used to communicate wi5th you after you submit your online winner application form. So KCC will not send any more winning notification through postal mail to the winners as was provided them years back. Now the American Government’s diversity visa lottery is totally turned in to electronically operated system.

How many people had participated in this diversity visa draw?
Nearly 13 million participants did applied through the internet for the draw in the year 2016.

Where to check the draw results?
From May 2017 onward, DV-2018 Results are opened to the participants and it will be kept opened  till the month of September 2018 here.

Can I contact my US consular office to find my selection results?
No, don’t disturb them. They don’t have the winners name list. Or the country wise selected people’s name list  or photos of the winners with them. If you are a winner and once your interview is scheduled only they may have your files with them.

How many times do I have to check the DV-2018 results?
Once is enough. You can check it as much time as you want. There is no harm
But keep your confirmation number as there may be some extra winner selection in the coming months.

Does any fee applies to  to check the dv2018 results online?
No, it is totally free, just fill all the required field and submit. The results will be shown in the screen..

How many winners will be selected under the dv-2018 program?
Nearly 100,000 winners will be selected as winners although there are 50,000 visas only available under this fiscal year program. More winners are selected for the program, because all the selected people may not have the required eligibility to be issued with the visas.

I got an email today.
This emails says that I am selected as a winner and they ask me o process with that winning.
Is it true that I am selected as a winner in the American diversity visa lottery program?
It is not true. Selected winners of the diversity visa lottery program never get winning notifications through email.
Someone is trying to chest under this program’s name. Look good, you will not find your name in that email.

My Agent Doesn’t Want To Give My Details.He says that I am selected as a winner.
It may be true or not.  Most of the agents in Africa used to grab money from those winners who had applied through them. Usually they don’t give the confirmation number, even if they give it out, it may be a manipulated one. You can’t use it for to check your results. Also they used to provide their own emails in the entry. So every thing is under their control. Take the risk to pay him and see whether you are winner or not and this is another lottery in your life.
Many people lost their winning to these people from DV-2017 and will in the future draw DV-2019 too.

How much is the diversity visa processing fees?
It is US$ 330 and it can be paid in dollars or in local currencies. It should be paid only to the US Consular office.
Never send money by bank to get diversity visas. Those emails claim that you are winner is not true. Only way is to check your results by yourself. For that you have to feed the confirmation number and other personal details.

There is American President’s Executive Orders used to come out suggesting some country people to be banned from entering in to the USA. So read them well and understand before you proceed with the winning , if you are selected under the program as a winner.

I had lost my DV-2018 confirmation number, whom I can contact to recover it?
For professional service contact DV-confirmation.

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