DV-2017 Confirmation Number.

DV-2017 Confirmation Number.


DV-2017 Confirmation number is essential to check the selection results.
It is impossible to check the selection results without it.

DV Lottery draw and selection currently operates entirely as electronic program. Successfully accepted entries of participants only will be shown with confirmation numbers. They will have the fiscal year at the beginning of them. This confirmation number will be asked at the time of checking your selection results in the coming year.


What to do with the confirmation number?

E-DV entry is considered as successful one, once the screen display the success page. Otherwise you have to resubmit till you get one..
When you see this page, get a printout of it and keep it in a safe place.Or quickly write down the confirmation number in a paper and keep it in a safe place..

Here is one sample of the DV-2017 Confirmation number and it will look like this, 2017SaVR5u7k3d9h, where it will contain 16 mixture of numbers and English letters.

You had lost your confirmation number? IT WILL NOT BE REISSUED AGAIN. Visit dv-confirmation.com website for professional assistance.

All the participants have the chance to check their status from 03rd of May till September 2016. To check the online selection you must have the confirmation number which was given to you after submitting the E-DV application form.

If you are selected as winner for the American diversity visa lottery program, follow the instruction shown in the website.

Not selected as a winner, try the next coming diversity visa lottery program.

Your agent is holding your submitted information for the draw? Agree with him.
It is very hard to force the agent.
If have paid for his service, then you have the right to sue him under your country law.
As per the KCC, they have advised you not to use the service of agents.
How to prevent your agent from selling the winning  to another person?
Report the incident to the local police, KCC and local embassy with your full details and photo

Source: www.dvlotteryhelp.com

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