DV 2016 Results

DV-2016 Results.


DV 2016 visa lottery program was conducted under the diversity visa program by the US State Department for the fiscal year 2016. Each year they used to conduct this draw to allow people under this draw to immigrate to the USA legally. Because of this nearly 12 – 14 million entrants used to participate in this electronically held draw.

DV-2016 results are now closed. For the DV 2016 nearly 10 million applicants submitted their entries from all over the world to obtain a visa through the lucky draw in the internet. From these entries nearly 100,000 people were selected to issue with the 50,000 available immigrant visas through the diversity visa lottery program.

In the year 2015, Results were announced to the winners with further instructions through the internet results checking facility. KCC didn’t inform the winners though the postal mail, email or fax. The visa lottery interviews and changing of the current status to LPR status did commenced on 01 October 2015 and was closed on 30th September 2016. People were called to attend their visa interview according to their given case numbers.

This FY 2016 American visa lottery program will close midnight on 30th September 2016. After this date no one can benefit from the winning of the diversity lottery program. After this date changing of status under this program can’t be carried out.

The winners will also get necessary information on visa fees and how to proceed further with the visa processing.

If you get any notification through email verify it good, as it may be a fake one. Selected winner? Don’t pay any money till you attend for the interview at the embassy. On the day of your interview you have to pay for the diversity visa processing fee to the Embassy only.

The US Embassies and the Consulates will not be able to provide the winner’s names or the DV Lottery winner name list.

DV2016 Visa Lottery is Now Permanently Closed.

All participants and those interested in the DV2016 must understand that DV-2016 visa program was successfully closed. This happened after accepting online entries. Selecting winners, conducting interviews and after issuing the visas, it was closed officially on 30th September 2016. To participate in the next draw wait for the DV-2019.

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