Affidavit of Support.

Affidavit of Support


Affidavit of support is known as sponsor paper in many part of the world.  This paper takes very important place in the American Green card. In this Green card lottery instruction, it clearly states that the winners must provided one affidavit of support. It should be provided through the I-134 form at the time of their interview to the Consular officer. The petitioner must be an American citizen or must be a LPR holder in the U.S.A. Petitioner must provide copies of financial papers to the green-card lottery winner to be provided along with the I-134 form.

At the time of the interview winners must provide these documents for each and every members. It should be hand over to the interviewing consular officer. This requirement will apply to the US visa lottery winners who are living in the USA too. When they want to change their current US status to the U.S LPR status, through USCIS office.

What is an Affidavit of Support?

Here is what the USCIS says about the document.
This is a signed document by an individual to accept financial responsibility for another person, who is coming to the United States to live permanently. The person will becomes the sponsor of the dv winner coming to live in the United States.

An affidavit of support is legally enforceable; the sponsor’s responsibility usually lasts until the family member or other individual either becomes a U.S. citizen, or can be credited with 40 quarters of work (usually 10 years).

Affidavit of Support Forms

Affidavit of support must be provided through the I-134 form. While some consular offices want them in I-864 form from the green card lottery winners to issue the Immigrant visas. Some time the agreed petitioner may change his mind and don’t want to support you, so there is no problem in changing with a new petitioner’s name and information on the day of the green card lottery interview.

Those people, who don’t have a petitioner to provide an affidavit of support for them, can proof that they have on arrival job arrangements and enough funds to meet their needs in the USA. In this case, the consular officer will decide on whether to issue the required immigrant visa for the green card lottery winner or reject the visas.

So don’t forget this requirement will apply to the DV-2017 and DV-2018 winners too and if you don’t provide this affidavit of support, you can show your financial position along with an on arrival job in the USA. No fee will be charged by the Embassy to review the AOS forms submitted by the applicants.

Why Affidavit of Support is Important?

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Source: USCIS

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