DV-2019 Green Card Lottery.


DV-2019 Visa Lottery program.
New entry submission period is announced for the current American visa lottery program dv2019.


New opening date: 18th October 2017.
New closing date:   22nd November 2017
Those applicants who had submitted entries before 10/102017 must resubmit one entry once again and it won’t be counted as duplicate entry.
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Green card program DV 2019, used to be called as American diversity visa lottery program too. It is now accepting entries for the draw in this year 2017. The draw is operated through the internet by official DV lottery website. DV 2019 selection results will be available from the month of May 2018 through the results checking website. This online results checking facility will be kept opened till the month of September 2019 and this is the time when the program used to be closed under this fiscal year.

DV-2018 winners can process their winner selection as it is calling winners for the interviews from 1st of October 2017, according to the winners case numbers.

DV-2019 Eligibility Requirements.

Birth should have happened in an eligible country.

DV applicants must have passed High School degree after studying 12 years in junior and high school. Or must have required work experience.

Applicant’s age must be more than 18 years old.

KCC will select the winners through their computers through the random name selection method and will provide the selected winners notifications through the US official website, where the participants can check their status in the coming year 2018.

A person can submit ONLY one application form with his name as primary applicant. If they try to submit multiple entries, the system will reject them stating that there is already one entry is existing in the system with the person as primary applicant.

Married person must include their spouse and all the eligible children in the entry form. It is compulsory to include them.

 Eligible Country List Changes under DV 2019

There is no changes in the current eligible country list for the DV-2019 diversity visa lottery program.
Are you Nigeria or Bangladesh born person? Your country is ineligible country to participate, along with some other countries.

The visa processing fee: US$ 330. (Or equivalent in local currency)

The visa processing fee should be paid only to the US Consular office on the day of your interview. Never send money to overseas to get American green card through the DV Lottery.

If for any reason your application is rejected at the time of the interview, the visa processing fee will not be refunded. There is no way to lodge complaint against this visa refusal.

Winners selected under the DV-2018 green card lottery should finish their processing before 30th September 2018. And must obtain their American immigrant visas. Otherwise their selection will go NULL.

Once an entry is accepted in the draw, it will be shown with a success page. it will be visible in the computer screen with the confirmation number. All the participants must get a printout of this page and this page will help them to check their selection results in the coming year.

DV-2018 selected winners are being called for their visa interviews according to their case numbers.

DV 2017
DV-2017 American Green Card lottery program is now officially closed. No winners can benefit from the winning any more.

  • Visa Bulletin – travel.state.gov – bulletin
  • Visa Statistics – travel.state.gov – statistics
  • Official DV Website – travel.state.gov – entry
  • Immigration – travel.state.gov – immigrate#KCC Contact Details.
    Kentucky Consular Center
    Phone: (606) 526-7500
    7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST
    Email: KCCDV@state.gov
    Contact KCC with the following details.
    Your name, date of birth and case number.
    They must be exactly as they appear in the Entrant Status Check (ESC) website.

    When the dv-2019 will close?

    The application Form submission will close on November 22, 2017.
    The program under FY 2019 will close on September 30, 2018.